Product update - KVM Support is finally here!
Product Update
We now offer KVM instances as a virtualization option in addition to our LXD instances. This means you can now spin up a fully virtualized environment where you have full control of all aspects of your machine including the kernel.
Available for Ryzen only ... For now
We encountered some fatal issues on some of our Xeon hosts which lead us to limit KVM support to our Ryzen instances where we have more uniform environments and much better system resources. We will most likely enable KVM on our Xeon platform once we have acquired and deployed dedicated systems for this purpose. Essentially we want to keep KVM and LXD servers seperated.
KVM Virtualization costs a little bit more
KVM Virtual Machines put more continuous load on our infrastructure with regard to CPU utilization and higher bandwidth and disk use for our snapshot/backup systems as the images are simply larger.
KVM Virtual Machines cannot be downgraded
They can only be upgraded as the disk drive space allocation cannot be shrunk. It is simply impossible to shrink a block device once it has been expanded to a certain size. If you want to downgrade a KVM server in the future, you will need to create a new server and manually transfer your data.
You cannot mix and match LXD and KVM instances
It is unfortunately not possible to spin up a KVM instance from an existing Webdock LXD VPS snapshot image, or vice-versa, as the two modes of virtualization are mutually incompatible.
There are a few additional minor differences, otherwise KVM is fully compatible with all Webdock features. You can read more about everything that is particular to KVM here.
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