Our Black Week and Cyber Monday deals are now live!
Offers & Discounts
We went live today with the all of our deals for Black Week and Cyber Monday 2022.
Remember that this year it is possible to purchase two (2) deals per user account. So don't miss out on our great offers. They will save you a lot in hosting cost over the next year.
We have already sold out of the 50€ deal for just €25 - so check out the other deals now and don’t miss out on a great chance to save a lot of money on your hosting expenses.
Have a nice day!
Arni from Webdock
Our new datacenter in DK is now in progress :-)
Our new datacenter in Denmark has now broken ground! Arni, our CEO and Founder, started digging and we had our first ever sod-turning ceremony. Lucky for him the professionels are taking over and preparing the groundwork for the foundation of the building from now on :-)
It is a big day for us. The initial idea of having our own datacenter started two years back, when we were just a small start up but it grew bigger and bigger and now we see the first proof that the idea is becoming reality. That is truly a great feeling. We really owe you guys a lot from supporting us over the last couple of years! Thank you!
We hope that if everything goes as planned the datacenter will be fully functional and up and running before summer 2023. We will keep you updated.
Operating our own datacenter enables us to provide you with an even better product but we will also be able to develop a lot of new products for you in the future. More on that later.
Feature update: Variable website width in our /docs
Product Update
We have implemented a nice little feature for resolutions greater than FHD which was requested by one of our users in this task.
He wrote:
Having trouble finding it, then check out the short video below:
Setting up monitoring with Netdata on your Webdock server
New article
Netdata offers performance monitoring that is both accurate and easily understandable through extensible web dashboards. By visualizing the processes and services on your Linux systems, Netdata makes it easy to monitor metrics such as CPU usage, memory, disks, networks, processes, and more.
This tutorial will show you everything you need to know to set up an Ubuntu server running Netdata. By the time you finish, you'll have a server ready to collect and display data about your server activity.
How to use Nginx as reverse proxy and secure connections with SSL certificates
New article
Igor Sysoev created Nginx in 2004 and had its first public release in October of that year. Because Nginx is based on optimizing performance under scale, it often outperforms other web servers in benchmark tests - especially regarding static content and high concurrent requests.
Proxying (also known as proxy_pass) is a way to distribute the load among several servers or to show content from different websites. You can also use proxying to pass requests for processing to application servers over protocols other than HTTP.
Nginx is easy to configure because it uses a straightforward configuration language. This article will show you how to configure Nginx as a reverse proxy for Nodejs using an example.
Product update - KVM Support is finally here!
Product Update
We now offer KVM instances as a virtualization option in addition to our LXD instances. This means you can now spin up a fully virtualized environment where you have full control of all aspects of your machine including the kernel.
Available for Ryzen only ... For now
We encountered some fatal issues on some of our Xeon hosts which lead us to limit KVM support to our Ryzen instances where we have more uniform environments and much better system resources. We will most likely enable KVM on our Xeon platform once we have acquired and deployed dedicated systems for this purpose. Essentially we want to keep KVM and LXD servers seperated.
KVM Virtualization costs a little bit more
KVM Virtual Machines put more continuous load on our infrastructure with regard to CPU utilization and higher bandwidth and disk use for our snapshot/backup systems as the images are simply larger.
KVM Virtual Machines cannot be downgraded
They can only be upgraded as the disk drive space allocation cannot be shrunk. It is simply impossible to shrink a block device once it has been expanded to a certain size. If you want to downgrade a KVM server in the future, you will need to create a new server and manually transfer your data.
You cannot mix and match LXD and KVM instances
It is unfortunately not possible to spin up a KVM instance from an existing Webdock LXD VPS snapshot image, or vice-versa, as the two modes of virtualization are mutually incompatible.
There are a few additional minor differences, otherwise KVM is fully compatible with all Webdock features. You can read more about everything that is particular to KVM here.
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2022 Black Friday and Cyber Monday offer
Offers & Discounts
Once again we are running great offers for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Follow the link below and leave your email address if you want to be notified when our Black Friday deals become available!
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New article: Optimizing Apache for High Traffic Websites
New article
Optimizing Apache for High Traffic Websites
Read our latest article on the Apache HTTP Server which is a free and open-source web server that powers 67% of the websites in the world.  
We are ready to accept your feature requests!
Product Update
We decided that we wanted to have a more open approach on getting your feedback on new feature requests instead of keeping our roadmap hidden away internally.
We searched the market for a while and found the best feature request tool in our opinion - Canny.io.
We are really exited about getting your feedback on what we can improve here at Webdock - and hopefully you are too! We are sure that you have a lot of ideas for us on what you would like to see at Webdock. So now is the time to share those ideas!
We have already added all the feature requests we've received at Webdock Support and for now the list looks something like this:
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New product updates:
1. We are launching a data center in Denmark
We are building our very own data center in Denmark which we hope will go online in Q2 2023. We look forward to open a shop here in Denmark which will then become our EU location moving forward.
2. New much improved and redesigned Mobile App with IOS support
We are working on our new app for Android and iOS. We hope to go live in Q4 this year, but stay tuned - we will keep updating you on this in upcoming newsletters.