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Expand Default Server Domain functionality

Currently, the only way to change the Default Server Domain of "servername.vps.webdock.cloud" is to connect a CloudFlare account so A and AAAA records can be deployed automatically. But sometimes, this is not necessary, for example if we use CloudFlare Tunnel or other Zero Trust products which circumvent port forwardings by running through an edge network and make the A and AAAA record for the servers origin IP unneeded. So I propose to rebuild or expand the current functionality in the following way: - Allow to "connect" a domain to a Webdock account by verifying it (ownership) through industry-standard TXT records. - Allow to change the Default Server Domain with a verified domain. - If the user wants to automatically deploy A and AAAA records, there can be a button that triggers this workflow, CloudFlare has a usable workflow for this already, Microsoft uses this for example for MS365 and connecting a new domain (verifying ownership and also deploying the DNS records). -- It works by calling a specific endpoint of CloudFlare to prompt the creation of various DNS records, in this case the A and AAAA records for the server. -- And this workflow will use the login cookie of the current browser session to land in the correct CloudFlare tenant. - If no A and AAAA records are necessary, the button can just not be pressed, the server now has the new Default Server Domain and everyone is happy :) And this functionality could be on either account level and/or server level, to e.g. just change the domains of some servers, not change the default of the account.

Epsilon PS _ Paul Schiffer Over 1 year ago


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